Mapping and analysis using the latest drone specific photogrammetry software. Maps can be coordinated with site survey using Ground Control Points for greater accuracy.

Orthomosaic Photos

Get an aerial view of a site before construction begins.  Orthomosaic photos can be overlain on plans to help with planning and design.


Google Earth:

crismon google earth.jpg


Drone Mapping

Compiled Orthophoto

Site Mapping/Progress Updates/Contour Map

Data can be gathered from an entire construction site in a matter of minutes with the drone and mapping software.  Photogrammetry software is then used to create an orthomosaic of the site, digital elevation model, and colorized elevation map.  The outputs from the photogrammetry software can be provided directly to the client or processed to add contours and .dxf output file for use in CAD software.

shiya rounded contours

Quantity Analysis

dense done

Elevation Analysis

Montana20170802-COLOR (1)