3D Modeling


One of the new services we provide is 3D models of your site produced from drone footage.  We are able to come fly your site.  With 5-15 minutes of flying we can gather the data required to produce a 3D model. Once the data is processed we can send you the model files or a link for you to link and share with clients.

Follow the link and explore this example 3D mesh; Skycatch 3D Mesh

To add the 4th “D” we can make weekly or monthly flights of your site and produce a time lapse of construction progress.


A motto that I have stood by in my years of heavy civil construction is “Plan the work, work the plan.” While one thing always stays the same in construction, which is change, advance planning and visualization of a project can give you the opportunity to find ways to save money and build safely. Making the leap from 2D paper plans to 3D models allows the project team to easily see how the project will be built and eliminate potential issues before they become a problem.

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